Pocket Option demo: free trading mode 

Pocket Option was created by Infinite Trade LLC in 2017. This platform is a product of innovative developments in the field of online trading. It has a demo mode. It provides access to a full-fledged trading environment using virtual funds.

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Pocket Option is certified by the IFMRRC. This is an indicator of reliability.

Demo mode availability

Pocket Option demo

Pocket Option official site offers a unique opportunity to use the demo mode without the need to register. Users can access the virtual trading environment and start practising trading instantly. They do not need to spend time creating an account. This one is ideal for those who want to quickly evaluate the platform without risking their funds and personal data.

Pocket Option demo benefits

Benefits of the demo mode

Using a Pocket Option demo account offers a number of significant advantages for traders.

  • Safe environment for learning. As our tests have shown, in demo beginner traders can immerse themselves in the world of financial markets. This is possible without the risk of losing real funds. It is possible to practice on historical data and real market conditions.
  • Strategy Testing. Experienced traders also find a demo account useful. They can test the effectiveness of their approaches in real market conditions.
  • Familiarisation with the platform. Users can use Pocket Option demo trading to familiarise themselves with the functionality and features of the platform. They can explore the available analysis tools, option types and other features. This will help them feel more confident when they move on to real trading.
  • Practising emotional control. A demo account also helps traders develop their emotional control. They can develop strategies to manage risk and emotions.

Using a PocketOption demo opens up a wide range of opportunities for traders of all experience levels.

Pocket Option demo account

How to start using a demo account on the platform

In order to start using Pocket Option demo login is not required. Users can use the demo account immediately after visiting the official website. The demo account provides a virtual balance of $50,000. It can be used to trade on real market conditions.

Although using a demo account without registration allows you to quickly familiarise yourself with the platform, it is recommended to register. Our research has shown that registration gives you access to additional features and tools. For example, advanced analytical tools, personalised settings and customer support. In addition, registered users have full control over the trading process. This increases the comfort and efficiency of their work on the platform.

Pocket Option demo strategy

Which strategies can be tested

In Pocket Option free demo account users can experiment with different trading strategies. This will allow them to choose an approach to trading in the real market. Here are some of the strategies. They can be successfully tested in demo mode.

Strategy Description
📈 Trend Strategy Based on analyzing the current price direction.
📊 Moving Average Strategy Utilizes the intersection of moving averages to determine entry and exit points.
🏗️ Support and Resistance Strategy Analyzes support and resistance levels to identify entry and exit points.
🕯️ Candlestick Analysis Strategy Uses candlestick charts to identify patterns and trading signals.
📰 News Analysis Strategy Relies on tracking important economic events to make trading decisions.

As our tests have shown, the choice of strategy depends on each trader's individual preferences and trading style.

Pocket Option FAQ


Is registration required to work in Pocket Option demo mode?

No, registration is not required. The demo mode is instantly available on the official website, allowing users to practice trading without creating an account. This is convenient for those who want to learn the platform quickly and without any commitment.

What are the advantages of the Pocket Option demo account?

Traders can test new approaches, familiarise themselves with the platform's features and develop emotional control.

How to start using a demo account?

Go to the Pocket Option website and open a demo account.

What trading strategies can I test in demo mode?

The following strategies can be tested in demo mode: trend, moving average, support and resistance, candlestick analysis and news analysis.