Causeway Street- Crossroads Initiative, Bullfinch Triangle

The key goals of the Causeway Street project are to transform the corridor into a great pedestrian-oriented boulevard, make it the anchor for the Bulfinch Triangle business and entertainment district, and reconnect the West End and North End neighborhoods.  North Station and TD Garden, amongst Boston’s largest generators of pedestrian activity, are both located along Causeway Street. The design will improve traffic operations and safety, provide significant upgrades to existing bicycle accommodations, and improve pedestrian amenities and convenience. Lowell Square and Keany Square, which serve as book-ends to the corridor, process significant volumes of regional vehicular traffic. The block in between, however, processes significantly more pedestrian volumes. As a result, the design solutions for these areas differ from one another.
For future updates on the Crossroads Initiative please return to this site or visit:

Visit the Boston Redevelopment Authority website to view a PowerPoint presentation on the Crossroads Initiative.

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